Heritage Valley Tourism Bureau
POBox 501
Fillmore, California 93016
(805) 524-7500


1. 1-4 pictures. Must be high resolution.
b. PLEASE do not email high resolution pictures, instead, you can use www.dropbox.com
with our login: info@heritagevalleY.net.password: heritage.
c. Simply create a new folder on dropbox and copy your pictures to it.
2. Your logo
3, Short Description of your business/non-profit. This is for the listings page on the HVTB website,
and can be 1-2 sentences.
a. Focus on why they would want to visit you! What makes you special?
4, Long Description of your business/non-profit, This is for your individual page on the website,
There is no minimum or maximum, but we suggest 2 -3 paragraphs,
5, Information about your business as you want it be shown on the website
a. Name
b. Address
c. Telephone
d. Website
e. Days/Hours of Operation
f. Cost/Fees
g. Directions if necessary
h. Other important information for visitors

Brochure Listing Requirements:

1. 1 picture or your logo
a. Please note either will be cropped or bordered to be square so that the brochure is
2. One sentence description of your business
3. Information about your business as you want it be shown in the brochure

a. Name
b. Address
c. Phone Number
d. Website